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California Beach, The Best Place For Swimwear Photography

Updated: Jan 6

Today we are at the phenomenal Victoria Beach located in Laguna Beach, California. We are shooting two beautiful Brazilian models Rayza and Ana with Amazon’s new collections.

It is one of the most breath taking beaches on the west side of United States with its unique stones and mountain.

4 pm. We started to set up and prepare for the sunset. Rayza and Ana are excited and started to play with the water. When the sky is turns into red, the golden light reflects on their skin and smile.

The beach has a magnificent beauty 
that never ceases to amaze me 
and makes me feel one with the earth
in rhythm and harmony.
 I realize as I look out to see 
how very small I really must be 
in the overall scheme of things. 
I love the sea for it brings 
out the spirituality in me. The feeling of being totally free 
like seagulls overhead and 
the sand underneath my feet 
or the engulfing sun warming me 
to get down to the nitty-gritty 
the sea is a poet's paradise to me.

Beauty And The Beach - Poem by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

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