Magazine Cover shoot for designer's new line

It is a story between girls and horses.

It is a story between beauties and the beasts.

It is a story between the gentle and fierce.

It is a story between the east and the west.

This is a photoshoot we did for a fashion magazine cover in November 2019. It is a story happened on a stud-farm. We set up a temporary studio on Breezeway Farms in Temecula, California. The horses were sweet and charming. Under the direction of the farm manager, they worked well with the models on posing and brought out the feelings that we like.

This photoshoot is also an infomercial for fashion designer Xandra Myriam, who was pleased with how the photos come out and couldn’t wait to take them to the public. We are grateful to see how human and horses interact harmoniously, and we are excited to be able to successfully deliver a mixture of western design and oriental wash painting.